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New Logo

May 31, 2009

I’ve whipped up a quick logo to dress up this site a bit. The previous plain-text heading was a bit boring (as one reader rightly pointed out), so hopefully this is a step in a better direction. Other minor style changes have also been made (sidebar headings should now look a little better, for example).

Thoughts? Constructive criticism? Comment away!

Googlebar Lite Translation Updates Needed

May 27, 2009

The next version of Googlebar Lite is in need of translation updates! If you are willing to spend some time translating, head over to BabelZilla and sign up to become a Googlebar Lite translator. You can visit the Googlebar Lite translation forum post for more details.

Version 4.7.0 will include some new search types, replacing a few outdated search types. It will also include a bug fix or two.

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Zoo Photos

May 23, 2009

I have posted a new photo album from a trip to the zoo earlier today. It’s not my best effort, but hopefully you can look past the problems. The lighting today was tough, I didn’t take my monopod, and my camera was misconfigured for part of the day. Better luck next time, I guess.

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TF2 Updates Drop Today

May 21, 2009

The new Spy and Sniper class updates are coming today, with the following goodies:

To top it all off, Valve is opening Team Fortress 2 to everyone for free this weekend. So download Steam, pre-load the files, and join in the fun!

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Additional Bug Fixes

May 21, 2009

I have squashed some bugs from yesterday’s theme unveiling:

  • The primary page container now renders properly in IE 6
  • Recent comments show up again in the sidebar
  • The PayPal donate button had somehow disappeared from the donation information page. It has now been restored.
  • DreamHost discount information has been updated (it was woefully out of date)

Brand New Look

May 20, 2009

Born Geek has been given a new set of clothes! The old design was, quite frankly, an eyesore. This new layout is simpler, cleaner, and much easier on the eyes. Gravatar support has been added. And visitors using Firefox 3+ get extra eye candy (so switch today)! Not everything is complete in this new theme, so expect to see minor tweaks and fixes over the next few days. It’s been tested in Firefox and IE 7. Your mileage may vary in anything else. As always, let me know what you think and if you stumble upon any bugs.

Also note that you may have to force a refresh if you visited the site recently, so as to pick up the new style sheet!

New Article on Automatic Updates

May 18, 2009

After what seems like a million years, I have written a new tutorial on Automatic Firefox Extension Updates. The article covers what’s needed to get automatic updates working for self-hosted extensions (i.e. extensions served on a non-secure web server). Topics include update manifests, using the McCoy signing tool, and Apache configuration steps to make sure your files are served appropriately.

If you spot an error in the article, or have general suggestions for improvement, please leave your comments here. Constructive criticism and comments are always welcome!

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Sniper and Spy Updates

May 15, 2009

Not only are we getting a Sniper class update (with a bow and arrow and the Razorback shield), but it looks like Valve is shipping the Spy class update as well (with two new watches)! Let it be known that I officially love Valve and Team Fortress 2.

Coming along with these updates is a new game play type, Payload Race, which looks super fun, and two new arena maps (which I’m not too wild about). This massive update doesn’t drop until next Thursday, so there are still some goodies to be unveiled. New hats are also going to be available in this update, which should provide some fun.

I’m really looking forward to this update, even though Spy and Sniper are my two least-played classes. Perhaps this will motivate me to spend more time in those roles.

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Office Season Finale

May 14, 2009

Tonight’s season finale for The Office was pretty weak, in my opinion. To begin with, I was a little miffed that it wasn’t an hour long, but after the show was over, I was glad it hadn’t been. I’m not sure I could have stood another half hour of boredom. The only redeeming part of the episode was the tension between Michael and Holly. Here’s hoping that things get back on track next season!

What did you guys think?