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Googlebar Lite 4.7.1

August 23, 2009

A new version of Googlebar Lite has just been posted. Changes in this release include:

  • Support has been added for Google’s new Caffeine search engine, via a hidden preference (set googlebar_lite.use_sandbox to true in about:config). Note that this option currently only works with web searches and not specialized searches (images, groups, etc.).
  • Bug Fix: Drag and drop did not work properly in Firefox 3.5.x
  • Bug Fix: The Up button menu now provides the full range of options for https URLs
  • Bug Fix: Highlighted search terms should no longer cause unwanted line breaks or font-size changes on certain sites


  1. Kudos!
    I think Googlebar Lite lacks two features which would make it the perfect GoogleToolbar replacement:

    1) Integrating Google suggest (Google suggest is even integrated in Firefox’s search bar!)

    2) Smarter sorting in the search history box.


  2. I think Googlebar is giving me some memory trouble using Firefox 3.5 in OS X 10.5. It’ll jump from 150MB to 350MB when I try to open a new tab. I’m not sure that I’ve completely traced it down to Googlebar but after disabling everything then adding extensions one by one, Googlebar was the last one I didn’t enable and I don’t see the same memory problem.

    Feel free to contact me if you want more info.

  3. If you can recreate this problem with only Googlebar Lite installed, please let me know. I’d obviously like to plug any possible memory leaks.

  4. Well, it’s starting to look like I was wrong but I can’t verify anything. I get a huge memory leak jump even without Googlebar Lite enabled. Could a memory leak even happen when a plugin is just disabled? I am not sure how to determine what’s causing the leak properly.

  5. Thanks for fixing the drag & drop bug on FF 3.5.x!

    Just found another one: if ‘Automatically search on drag & drop’ and ‘Open search results in a new tab’ is selected in Options, the latter doesn’t work: the results are displayed in the same window…

    FF 3.5 & Googlebar Lite 4.7.2

  6. Thanks for the bug report. I’ll look into it and will have a fix in the next release.

  7. I just upgraded to 4.7.1 and noticed that my google products search icon option disappeared. I used that all the time. I wonder why you removed it and request that you add it back in a future release.

  8. Please ignore my prior post – I just upgraded to 4.7.2 and see the product options is back. Thanks for the great product!!

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