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Googlebar Lite 4.8.1

November 13, 2011

Hot on the heels of the previous Googlebar Lite release, is version 4.8.1 which includes several bug fixes. Here is the change log for this release:

  • Bug Fix: Search terms should no longer mysteriously disappear
  • Bug Fix: The “Site to Use” menu in the Googlebar Lite options dialog is now initialized properly in Linux
  • Bug Fix: Removed several obsolete function calls that were throwing errors after customizing the toolbar


  1. The update from 4.7.11 broke searching in Japanese (and possibly other non-ASCII languages too) – it used to work perfectly well, but now the terms in the search URL get mangled and turn to gibberish…

  2. I have found the issue and fixed it. Version 4.8.2 is now available with this bug fix.

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