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Googlebar Lite 5.0.0

May 9, 2014

The biggest release of Googlebar Lite in a long while is now available, offering Google search suggestions for the first time ever! Here’s the full change log:

  • Google search suggestions are now offered when typing in the Googlebar Lite search box
  • Searches are now performed over secure (https) connections by default
  • Added an option to control the search suggestions feature (suggestions are enabled by default)
  • Added an option to lock the search box width
  • Internal search URLs have been tweaked
  • Improved the efficiency of the window resize event listener
  • Removed the option to enable secure search since it is now enabled by default
  • Changed the minimum width of the search box from 150 to 100 pixels
  • Removed several deprecated strings
  • Removed the nb-NO locale due to it being woefully out of date
  • Bug Fix: The search word overflow button is now hidden properly if it was visible and search words were turned off
  • Bug Fix: The search word container is now resized properly if search words buttons were present and then turned off

As always, let me know if you spot a problem. Lots of code changed in this release, so hopefully I didn’t miss anything obvious.


  1. Great update! Thanks!

  2. Thank you! You’ve followed my suggestion! 😉

  3. Thank you for implementing “search suggestions”. I have used Lite since its beginning and have waited for this feature for a long time.


  4. Hi Jonah, I can’t remember if I used the same ID/email the last time I asked you a question (it was about the extra menu bar which I was too daft to realise I could untick, but you put me right)…

    Well this time I would like to know how to make links _within the search results_ open in the SAME TAB. I am set up for search results to open in a new tab, but I used to have links opening in the same tab and can’t get it any more.

    Thank you for your patience,


  5. I believe this is probably what you’re looking for: Make Your Google Search Results Always Open in a New Tab. Here’s the appropriate paragraph from that article:

    If you’d rather Google not open your results on the same page, you can set the default by going to Google and clicking on the cog in the upper right-hand corner. Choose “Search Settings” from the list, then scroll down to “Where Results Open”. Check the box for opening them in a new window and press Save.

  6. Thanks you for the goggle search suggestion feature.

  7. Hi Jonah,

    Since the return of the grip, I cannot resize the search box. It is fixed to 100 px wide. Not movable.

    Option “Lock the search box width” not checked.

    Add and edit in [about:config] that : extensions.googlebarlite.search_box_width give no results, whatever width I choose.

    (Firefox 29.0.1, Googlebar Lite 5.0.0, Ms XP Pro.)

    From France, thank you very much for this great addon.

  8. Is Googlebar Lite on its own toolbar, or did you move the toolbar item to another location (to the navigation toolbar, for example)? If you moved it to another location, I suggest moving it back to the Googlebar Lite toolbar, resizing the search box to its desired width, then moving it back to where you had it. The way the splitter element works prevents the search box from growing if it is placed in certain locations.

  9. Thank you very much, this was the solution!

    I actually use Googlebar Lite on the navigation bar, and the simple fact of move it – temporarily – on his own toolbar gives me the ability to adjust its width by using the gripper.

    Thank you again and I wish a long life to Googlebar Lite! (used since Firefox 3)


  10. “Search This Site” doesn’t work for me any longer. The icon is greyed out and never becomes active.

    Any idea what could cause this?

  11. Hmm. The search site button is disabled under these circumstances:

    • The URL is null
    • The URL has no ‘host’ property
    • The URL scheme is neither ‘http’ nor ‘https’
    • The URL does not contain ‘google’ in its host

    If a given URL doesn’t meet those criteria, the button should be enabled. Beyond that, I’m not sure what could be happening in your case. You might try creating a new profile, installing Googlebar Lite, and testing it in a clean environment.

  12. This happens sometimes for me too since this latest version… but only sometimes…
    I’ve not yet been able to understand when starts the phenomenon, but it seems that always happens on a URL like “”.
    Jonah, I will look at your 4 points the next time it happens.
    Usually, when it happens, I restart Firefox and the website search button is no longer grayed out.


  13. Odd. Next time this happens for you, open the browser console (Ctrl + Shift + J), and see if there are any Googlebar Lite specific errors or notices. If so, let me know what they are. Also, if you run into specific URLs that trigger this behavior, let me know and I will look into them. I’ll enable the search site button in my install (I usually have it hidden) to see if I can get this case to trigger also.

  14. Hi Jonah,

    The issue just occurred (more precisely , I just see it right now). I did nothing special except browse a site.
    Three tabs are open: # comment-21872
    And the third is as I said above: (can I send it to you by PM? but I think it will not help much).

    The search site button is grayed for all the tabs. If I open a new tab (non-Google), the button is always grayed out, and so on. It seems I can only restart Firefox to solve the issue.

    I opened the browser console, typed Googlebar, Googlebar Lite and finally GBL. No results were returned (blank window).
    It is feasible to export the contents of the console? I’ve not found a way to do it.
    What part of the console you interested in? CSS? JS? Log? (Network and Security are empty). Maybe I can make you a copy/paste next time this happens?


  15. I must specify that I had some network disconnections today, maybe the cause?
    These network disconnections last for several days, they were already taking place at the arrival of Firefox 29 and GBL 5.0.0

  16. I have uploaded a debug version of Googlebar Lite that adds some print statements to the browser console when the search site button is disabled. Install that, replicate the issue, and let me know what the print statements say. Everything between ===== BEGIN DEBUG ===== and ===== END DEBUG ===== is what I’m interested in. They should show up as a part of the “Logging” toggle in the browser console.

    Thanks for your help in debugging this issue. I’m not seeing it on my setup, for whatever reason.

  17. Now it’s back to normal for me.

    Don’t know what caused it but I have a feeling FF 29 has something to do with it. It’s been known to interfere with toolbars because of the big overhaul.

  18. Three days have left since I installed the debug version but the issue did not reproduce…
    It’s also three days my internet connection has not been cut off. This was perhaps related? (the search site button that turns off when occurs one or more internet disconnections?)
    I’ll keep you of course informed and will come back once I have anything new.


  19. Hello Jonah,

    I just saw the icon greyed out. I do not know how long. Firefox is open for about three hours, six tabs are open. No internet disconnection since two days.

    Here’s the debug logfile, I uploaded it because of its length :
    — or —

    Note : there’s no “===== END DEBUG =====” after the last “===== BEGIN DEBUG =====”.

    Thanks a lot and good luck for decrypting!


  20. Hmm. I don’t see too much out of the ordinary here. Let’s continue this discussion via email, if possible. You can email me at: support at borngeek dot com (just replace the symbols as necessary: at = @, dot = .)

    If you wouldn’t mind, email me the URLs of the tabs you had open at the time. Perhaps I could tell something from that.

  21. Done.

  22. I’ve had the greyed out site search and finally figured out a way to recreate it.

    I have the button to hide/unhide Googlebar lite. If I go to customize Firefox and hide Googlebar lite, then exit customize and unhide it with the button, then the site search is greyed out until I restart Firefox.

  23. Thank you for this info! I have been able to reproduce the issue on my end with these steps, and I’ll do my best to have a fix in the next release.

  24. I have found a workaround for this issue, and will release an updated version of Googlebar Lite soon. It’s my belief that the underlying cause of this is a Firefox bug, but I need to do some more experimentation to figure out whether or not that’s true.

  25. Glad I could contribute. I love Googlebar lite!

    My wishlist for it would be:
    1. Keep only a limited number of searches. Like I might only want to keep the last 10, or maybe the last two days worth.
    2. Have past searches in the drop down in the order I did the searches, newest at the top to oldest at the bottom.

  26. Just to clarify the first item in my last post, I would like older searches to delete themselves. So maybe I would choose to only ever have a max of my last 20 searches in the drop down and I would never have to manually delete them.

  27. For my part, the issue not occur again since my post of June 1. I think I can consider my problem solved, especially with the launch of the version 5.0.1.

    Crystal, thank you for the tip (that I read today, with version 5.0.1 installed).

    Jonah, thank you for tracking this issue.

    Long life to Googlebar Lite.


  28. Hello,
    I miss the option to see the searches at date.
    The last seaches at top and first at bottom.
    I now see only all searches random at any time.
    Or do i overlook somthing?
    Kind regards,

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