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Version 2.6.7 – Released November 9, 2015

  • A new variable (%D) is now available for custom formats, allowing the user to insert a local date stamp
  • JSON output is now beautified when exporting custom formats
  • A README file has been added to the tree for use at GitHub

Version 2.6.6 – Released October 3, 2015

  • Removed the updateURL from builds offered at my personal website. CoLT will now be hosted only at AMO.
  • Converted the changelog to Markdown format
  • Bumped the supported minVersion to 38.0

Version 2.6.5 – Released December 4, 2014

  • Default formats can now be restored via the options dialog
  • Reorganized the options dialog
  • Displaying the CoLT context sub-menus is now slightly more efficient (they are no longer built on the fly)
  • Error handler routines have been updated to use the reportError() call
  • Bug Fix: Removed an erroneous instance in the options dialog where DOM elements were being created and never used
  • Bug Fix: Selected item artifacts should no longer be left around when moving custom formats in the list

Version 2.6.4 – Released April 12, 2014

  • Removed a few deprecated parameters from various internal functions
  • Bug Fix: CoLT’s menu items were not working properly when only one format was present in the custom formats list
  • Bug Fix: Improved the way migrating from ancient versions of CoLT works (prefs weren’t being fully migrated)

Version 2.6.3 – Released April 8, 2014

  • Removed the following translations, all of which were mostly incomplete: cs-CZ, ko-KR, tr, zh-TW
  • Bug Fix: Removed an invalid reference to the document object in CoLT’s common module, which prevented new installs from being set up properly

Version 2.6.2 – Released March 27, 2014

  • Custom formats are now stored in a JSON file in the user’s Firefox profile, instead of as Firefox preferences
  • Rewrote the export and import routines to support the new JSON file format
  • Improved the way internal logging is handled
  • Modified the way new-line characters are determined
  • Bumped the minVersion to 24.0
  • Bumped the maxVersion to 45.*
  • Bug Fix: Redesigned the way data is passed between the browser and CoLT’s options dialog, fixing several errors that would appear in the browser console
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a few places where DOM elements were erroneously being created and never used

Install Version 2.6.1 – Released April 29, 2013

  • Changed the minimum supported Firefox version to 17.0, since the 10.x line is no longer supported
  • Bumped the maxVersion to 30.*
  • Various locale updates

Version 2.6.0 – Released February 16, 2013

  • Added support for conditional expressions using the %?[] variable
  • Added support for importing and exporting custom formats (useful for moving them between systems)
  • Improved the way custom format events are handled
  • Removed the embedded JAR file from within the extension’s XPI file
  • Made a few minor improvements to the installer manifest
  • Changed the minimum supported Firefox version to 10.0
  • Bug Fix: Newly added separators now properly extend across the custom format dialog

Version 2.5.9 – Released November 5, 2012

  • Added a Catalan (ca) localization
  • Updated the Arabic (ar) localization
  • Bug Fix: Once again altered the “insertafter” attribute of the “Copy Page Title and Location” menu. It should no longer appear above the “Copy” menu item when text is selected.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected the changes to the nsITransferable interface made in the previous version (the initial recommendation from Mozilla was incorrect)

Version 2.5.8 – Released October 16, 2012

  • Improved the use of the nsITransferable interface in preparation for upcoming private browsing changes in Firefox
  • Changed the maxVersion to 25.*
  • Bug Fix: Changed the insertafter attribute for the “Copy Page Title and Location” menu items, to move them higher in the context menu for Firefox 16

Version 2.5.7 – Released April 13, 2012

  • Improved the way percent signs can be escaped. You can now specify either ‘%%’ or ‘\%’ to get a literal percent character.
  • Added logic to clear all custom formats if the extensions.colt.prefs_version setting gets cleared in about:config. Clearing this value is a handy way to reset to the default custom formats.

Version 2.5.6 – Released April 13, 2012

  • Added the capability to specify access-key accelerators for custom format context menu items. Existing custom formats will have no key assigned; you must manually set them if upgrading from a previous version.
  • Added the capability to insert a percent sign into a given custom format (simply escape the percent sign with a backslash character).
  • Replaced the default FuseTalk custom format with the somewhat more prevalent Markdown format.

Version 2.5.5 – Released January 8, 2012

  • Bug Fix: Rewrote the routine that handles doing the substitution for custom formats. This will prevent the mistaken translation of encoded characters within substituted text (URLs, for example).

Version 2.5.4 – Released December 13, 2011

  • Added Unicode support (custom formats can now include extended characters)
  • Added a new custom format variable for inserting tab characters (%B)
  • Options are now stored under the more appropriate “extensions.” branch
  • Removed a few extraneous menu updates during initialization
  • Removed the obsolete contents.rdf files from each localization folder, reducing overall file size
  • Changed the minVersion from 1.5 to 3.6
  • Changed the maxVersion to 15.*
  • Bug Fix: Several registered event listeners were not being removed on shutdown

Version 2.5.3 – Released August 17, 2011

  • Bumped the maxVersion to 12.* to work around Mozilla‚Äôs annoying new release schedule
  • Various locale updates

Version 2.5.2 – Released June 22, 2011

  • Added support for Firefox 5 and 6
  • Minor locale updates

Version 2.5.1 – Released January 9, 2011

  • Bumped the maxVersion to 4.0.* to allow CoLT to work in all future Firefox 4 builds.

Version 2.5.0 – Released September 16, 2010

  • Added capability to capture selected text when copying the page’s title and location
  • Added the local time stamp to the available fields for custom formats
  • A rich-text custom format is now one of the default formats for new installs of CoLT
  • Added a new Swedish (sv-SE) localization
  • Cleaned up some now redundant preferences used by CoLT
  • CoLT licensing has been updated and relaxed.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected a problem that caused CoLT to stop working in Firefox 4.0 builds
  • Bug Fix: Copying as rich text now works properly if the rich text option is the only custom format in the custom format list (i.e. it appears as a top-level menu item)
  • Bug Fix: Removing an item from the custom format list no longer causes the selected index to be cleared
  • Bug Fix: Moving items around in the custom format list when the list contains many items no longer causes the selection to disappear

Version 2.4.7 – Released March 2, 2010

  • Bug Fix: Page titles are now copied in a more appropriate fashion, and should no longer result in an undefined value on trunk builds of Firefox

Version 2.4.6 – Released December 1, 2009

  • Bumped the maxVersion to 3.6.* to support Firefox 3.6 builds

Version 2.4.5 – Released August 28, 2009

  • Cleaned up all JavaScript code so it no longer pollutes the global namespace
  • Bug Fix: Removed a stray debug log message

Version 2.4.4 – Released May 5, 2009

  • Bumped the maxVersion to 3.5.* to support Firefox 3.5 builds
  • Updated the Arabic (ar) localization

Version 2.4.3 – Released January 11, 2009

  • Bug Fix: The "Copy Page Title and Location" menu items no longer show up in text input controls or on ‘mailto:’ style links.
  • Bug Fix: The logic for showing the Copy Link Text menu items has been improved.
  • Bug Fix: Repositioned the placement of the "Copy Page Title and Location" menu items.

Version 2.4.2 – Released January 11, 2009

  • New Copy Page Title and Location option added
  • New custom format variables allow users to copy the current page title, current page url, or link title attribute.
  • Added a new Arabic (ar) translation.

Version 2.4.1 – Released May 18, 2008

  • Bumped the maxVersion to support Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 (and all future Firefox 3.0.x builds).
  • Updated the Polish (pl-PL) translation.
  • Updated the Portuguese: Brazilian (pt-BR) translation.

Version 2.4.0 – Released April 7, 2008

  • New rich-text copy option (for pasting rich text URLs) now available.
  • Added support for Firefox 3.0pre (includes beta 5 support).
  • Minimum version changed to 1.5. Beginning with this build, Firefox 1.0.x is no longer supported.
  • CoLT now exclusively uses a chrome manifest.
  • Added a new Persian (fa-IR) translation.
  • Added a new Polish (pl-PL) translation.

Version 2.3.0 – Released May 18, 2007

  • CoLT now supports an unlimited number of custom formats for the ‘Copy Link Text and Location’ action.
  • When only one format is available for the ‘Copy Link Text and Location’ action, it appears as a menu item, rather than an item in a sub-menu.
  • Custom menu separators can now be added to the ‘Copy Link Text and Location’ sub-menu.
  • Added a new Chinese Simplified (zh-CN) translation.
  • Added a new Czech (cs-CZ) translation.
  • Added a new Korean (ko-KR) translation.
  • Added a new Lithuanian (lt-LT) translation.

Version 2.2.1 – Released September 24, 2006

  • Added a new Dutch (nl-NL) translation.
  • Added a new Ukrainian (uk-UA) translation.
  • Brand new extension logo.

Version 2.2 – Released September 16, 2006

  • Added support for Firefox 2.0 release candidate builds.

Version 2.1.1 – Released August 26, 2006

  • Added support for Bon Echo Beta 2 builds (Firefox 2.0).
  • Added a new Chinese Traditional (zh-TW) translation.
  • Added a new Danish (da-DK) translation.

Version 2.1 – Released July 11, 2006

  • Added a new Turkish (tr-TR) localization.
  • Bug Fix: The "Display the ‘Copy Link Text and Location’ sub-menu" option could not be properly disabled.
  • Bug Fix: The German (de-DE) locale had an untranslated string.
  • Bug Fix: Removed an erroneous apostrophe in one of the English locale’s strings.

Version 2.0 – Released July 9, 2006

  • Two new custom formats have been added for the "Copy Link Text and Location" action, bringing the total to three custom formats.
  • A new option has been added, allowing the user to hide the "Copy Link Text" menu item.
  • The "Copy Link Text and Location" menu item is now always shown as a sub-menu.
  • CoLT now uses the nsIClipboardHelper service instead of the nsIClipboard service.
  • Added support for Bon Echo alphas (Firefox 2.0).
  • Added a new Slovak (sk-SK) translation.
  • Extension description has been localized.

Version 1.3.2 – Released May 7, 2006

  • Added a new Russian (ru-RU) translation.
  • Added a new Spanish (Spain) (es-ES) translation.

Version 1.3.1 – Released May 4, 2006

  • Added a new French (fr-FR) translation.
  • Added a new Italian (it-IT) translation.
  • Added a new Japanese (ja-JP) translation.
  • Added a new Spanish (Argentina) (es-AR) translation.

Version 1.3 – Released March 12, 2006

  • A new option allows the "Copy Link Text and Location" menu item to show up as a sub-menu, presenting all three options to the user at once (plain text, HTML link, custom format).

Version 1.2 – Released February 20, 2006

  • A new %N parameter is now available for specifying a new-line in the custom format string.
  • The plain text format for the "copy both" command has been updated.
  • The "copy both" option is now enabled by default.
  • The default format for "copy both" is now HTML rather than plan text.

Version 1.1 – Released February 17, 2006

  • New option allows you to add a new context menu item, which copies a link’s URL and text at the same time. You can even select what format you want the
    data copied in (or supply your own custom format). Very handy for blogs!
  • Bug Fix: Corrected a strict JavaScript parsing bug.

Version 1.0 – Released January 7, 2006

  • New German (de-DE) translation added.
  • Automatic update support added.
  • New extension icon.

Version 0.9.2 – Released November 2, 2005

  • Firefox 1.5 RC1 support.
  • New Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) translation added.

Version 0.9.1 – Released October 5, 2005

  • Bug Fix: Chrome registration problem fixed in 1.5 beta builds.

Version 0.9 – Released October 4, 2005

  • Initial public release