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Toolbar Tutorial Updates: Phase 2

Updates to the Firefox toolbar tutorial have been completed.

Toolbar Tutorial Updates: Phase 1

Chapters 1 through 5 of the Firefox toolbar tutorial have been updated in a number of ways.

Googlebar Lite 4.9.14

The final 4.x release of Googlebar Lite has just been posted, fixing a critical bug.

Googlebar Lite 4.9.13

Another update to Googlebar Lite (hopefully) improves the look and feel in Windows and Linux.

CoLT 2.6.4

CoLT 2.6.4 is now available, fixing a couple more bugs.

Toolbar Tutorial Repo

The toolbar tutorial now has a repo at GitHub. Updates to the tutorial are also in the pipeline.

CoLT 2.6.3

A hot-fix version of CoLT is now available.

CoLT 2.6.2 No Longer Available

CoLT 2.6.2 has a critical bug that affects brand new installs.

Googlebar Lite 4.9.12 Search Box Width

A short guide on using the new search box width option in Googlebar Lite 4.9.12.

Googlebar Lite 4.9.12

Googlebar Lite 4.9.12 is now available.