CoLT 2.6.3

April 8, 2014

Version 2.6.3 of CoLT is now available, fixing a critical bug affecting new installs:

  • Removed the following translations, all of which were mostly incomplete: cs-CZ, ko-KR, tr, zh-TW
  • Bug Fix: Removed an invalid reference to the document object in CoLT’s common module, which prevented new installs from being set up properly

CoLT 2.6.2 No Longer Available

April 8, 2014

A critical bug with CoLT 2.6.2 prevents new installs from working properly. As a result, I have removed the download links for the extension from the site. I hope to have a fix for this problem up by the weekend (hopefully sooner).

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Googlebar Lite 4.9.12

April 4, 2014

A new build of Googlebar Lite is now available. One of the changes in this build pertains to the internal XUL markup for the toolbar, which will likely change the look and feel of the search-box slightly. This change essentially rolls back an update I made back in version 4.7.6, and therefore has the potential to reintroduce visual bugs which may have existed back then. Another large change is the removal of the resize gripper, which has needed to be removed for some time now. In its place is a new preference that allows you to size the search box as you so desire. Details on how to use the Custom setting will appear in a subsequent post.

If you see problems with this release, please either open an issue at GitHub or leave a comment here. Without further ado, here’s the change log:

  • Removed the search box resize gripper, and replaced it with a new search box width preference
  • Redesigned the way that internal preference data and common functions are stored
  • Tweaked the internal XUL structure of the toolbar, specifically changing the way the search box is contained
  • Removed a few deprecated content manifests from the package
  • Simplified the style of the about dialog
  • Removed a few unused style rules
  • Bug Fix: The Googlebar Lite toolbar can now be placed in the new menu panel in Firefox 29+, using a new minimal user interface
  • Bug Fix: The main Googlebar Lite toolbar item now renders correctly when placed into the toolbar palette
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a minor object duplication issue with the preferences dialog
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CoLT 2.6.2

March 27, 2014

A brand new build of CoLT is now available. This release improves a number of things internally. If you spot a bug, feel free to open an issue over at the CoLT GitHub repo. Here’s what has changed in this release:

  • Custom formats are now stored in a JSON file in the user’s Firefox profile, instead of as Firefox preferences
  • Rewrote the export and import routines to support the new JSON file format
  • Improved the way internal logging is handled
  • Modified the way new-line characters are determined
  • Bumped the minVersion to 24.0
  • Bumped the maxVersion to 45.*
  • Bug Fix: Redesigned the way data is passed between the browser and CoLT’s options dialog, fixing several errors that would appear in the browser console
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a few places where DOM elements were erroneously being created and never used
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Born Geek on GitHub

March 21, 2014

I have uploaded the source of both CoLT and Googlebar Lite to GitHub:

This should make it way easier for folks to submit new ideas and bug reports for each extension, provide patches (if you feel so inclined), and view sample code for Firefox extension development. I’ve already posted a few issues to the CoLT repo, and a number should be appearing for Googlebar Lite as well.

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Australis to Cause Problems

March 19, 2014

Firefox 29, the next version as of this writing, will bring with it a brand new interface called Australis. This interface is changing loads of toolbar structure, which may negatively impact Googlebar Lite.

I’m posting this warning ahead of time to let you know that I will definitely work towards making Googlebar Lite compatible with this new theme. However, doing so will take some time and effort. As such, don’t be surprised if support for this new theme isn’t immediately available. I may have to bump the minVersion of whatever new version I release to 29.0, in order to prevent breakage in older browsers.

Until I set up a development sandbox with the latest build, I won’t know how bad the breakage will be. Until then, please be forewarned that there’s some turbulence ahead.

Googlebar Lite 4.9.11

March 16, 2014

Googlebar Lite 4.9.11 is now available to download. Here’s the change log:

  • Googlebar Lite context menu items can now be middle clicked to open in a new tab
  • Search history is now asynchronous thanks to the FormHistory JavaScript module
  • Changed a few of the default context menu display settings
  • Removed a deprecated means of detecting private browsing
  • Bumped the minVersion to 24.0
  • Bumped the maxVersion to 45.*
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Using the FormHistory Module

March 4, 2014

In recent times, Mozilla has deprecated the nsIFormHistory2 and nsIFormHistory interfaces (see bug 878677 for more information), replacing both with the FormHistory.jsm module. This module provides an asynchronous way to store form history items, which is good for performance. Like many of the Mozilla interfaces, however, documentation is nearly non-existent. I like learning by example, and I’ve figured out how the FormHistory module works. Here are a few examples showing how to use it:

// Import the module

// Remove all stored history for a specific field
// ('GBL-Search-History' in this example)
FormHistory.update({op: "remove", fieldname: "GBL-Search-History"});

// Add specific terms to a specific field
FormHistory.update({op: "bump", fieldname: "GBL-Search-History", 
                    value: termsToStore});

Update: This article previously indicated to use the add operation to add a term to a specific field. That function, however, will result in duplicate entries as of this writing. The bump operation is now what I recommend to use. End Update

As you can see here, the update() function is the one I most care about. This function has several operations (specified by the “op:” property above) available to it:

  • add
  • update
  • remove
  • bump

The header comment in the FormHistory.jsm file details the specifics for these operations, as well as other functions. Hopefully these simple examples will help someone out. It wasn’t immediately clear to me how to use this module when I first switched over.

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Mountain Photos

November 24, 2013

I’ve posted my final photo album from last month’s trip to the mountains. Like before, this is a fairly small album.

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Gorges State Park

November 22, 2013

I’ve just posted some photos from an autumn visit to Gorges state park. The park has improved significantly since I was last there, with the inclusion of a stellar visitor’s center (with some really nice views). Gorges remains one of my favorite state parks!

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