Software Updates

Jan 15, 2006

Due to increasing activity at work, I have only just now updated Thunderbird to the latest release, version 1.5. There's a laundry list of new items in this release, so be sure to update your copy if you happen to use Thunderbird as your mail client. And if you don't use it, what are you waiting for?

In other software update news, I understand that version 2.0.1 of WordPress is coming along, as I predicted it might. I've put off upgrading this blog to version 2.0 for the simple reason that major version changes usually have a number of uncaught bugs. And that's something I'd rather not deal with at the moment. I do hope to upgrade before too much longer. The changes offered are quite enticing.

My CoLT extension for Firefox just got accepted over at, so perhaps it will get a little more exposure as a result. I'd like to add a few more features to the tool; perhaps I can do that in the near future.

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