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Merchants Millpond State Park Photos

July 11, 2016

Earlier this year, my wife and I spent some time in north-eastern North Carolina on vacation. While there, we visited Merchants Millpond state park, which I would rank among the most scenic in the state. The day we visited happened to be the centennial celebration for the park, so the crowd was larger than usual. That said, we had a fantastic time. We rented a canoe and explored the pond, making this outing among my favorite state park visits to date. Here’s the accompanying photo album.

Cliffs of the Neuse State Park

July 10, 2016

Last December, on a particularly warm day, my wife and I visited Cliffs of the Neuse state park. Located just south of Goldsboro, North Carolina, this park has some very interesting geography. High cliffs tower 90 feet over the Neuse river, in an otherwise flat area of the state. As usual, we took along our cameras, and this album is the result.

I’m backlogged on photos, so expect more in the coming days and weeks (I have 10 more albums to post!).

NC Zoo Macros

May 31, 2016

I’ve posted some macro photos from a trip to the zoo last fall. I’m woefully behind in my photo posting, but I hope to remedy that in the near future.

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Contact Form Issues?

March 26, 2016

I’ve seen a couple of different reports here that the contact form isn’t working properly. That said, the form seems to work for me in the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and IE. If you have tried to contact me via the form and gotten an error, please leave a comment with this post. I’d love to know what browser you see the issue in, and what the error is. Thanks.

Googlebar Lite Documentation Updates

February 17, 2016

I have updated several of the documentation pages for Googlebar Lite. A number of screenshots have been updated, and the documentation on Googlebar Lite options has been updated to reflect a number of new options that have appeared over the past few releases. If any of the existing documentation isn’t clear, or you feel that a specific topic is missing, let me know.

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Googlebar Lite 5.1.3

February 16, 2016

A new build of Googlebar Lite has been posted, adding a new preference:

  • Added a preference for collapsing search words when Googlebar Lite is placed on the nav-bar toolbar (enabled by default). Disable this preference to get the old search word button behavior.

Securing Born Geek

February 6, 2016

This website now enforces the use of https, thanks to the Let’s Encrypt initiative and the good folks at DreamHost. I initially had a number of problems in getting WordPress to behave, but I found this helpful article that pointed me in the right direction. I believe the bit of magic that helped me was running the wp CLI tool:

wp search-replace --precise --recurse-objects

Things now seem to be working, though if you spot a problem anywhere, let me know.

Googlebar Lite 5.1.2

January 26, 2016

I’ve released a small bug-fix for Googlebar Lite:

  • Fixed a missing entity in all non-English locales
  • Commented out a couple of unused devtool JavaScript module paths preventing compatibility with Firefox 44

Commenting Fixes

January 21, 2016

The commenting system on this site was throwing some nasty errors, as I found out this morning. They were due to an outdated comment spam plugin I was using. I have removed the offending plugin, replacing it with another, so commenting should work once again.