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A New User’s Guide to Stack Overflow

More thoughts on the Stack Overflow experience after having used the site for over 4.5 years.

Two Northeastern NC Photo Albums

Two more photo albums from a spring trip to northeastern North Carolina.

Merchants Millpond State Park Photos

Photos from a memorable trip to Merchants Millpond state park. If you visit, make sure to canoe!

Cliffs of the Neuse State Park

Photos from a trip last December to Cliffs of the Neuse state park.

NC Zoo Macros

Macro photos from a trip to the NC Zoo,

Contact Form Issues?

Is the contact form at this site broken? It seems to work for me…

Googlebar Lite Documentation Updates

I have updated several of the Googlebar Lite documentation pages, something that has needed doing for a while now.

Googlebar Lite 5.1.3

A new version of Googlebar Lite is now available, adding a new preference.

Securing Born Geek

Born Geek now enforces the use of https.

Googlebar Lite 5.1.2

A small bug-fix release is now available for Googlebar Lite users.