Adblock Plus 0.6

Jan 19, 2006

A new, major release of Adblock Plus was made available recently. It appears that development of this extension has changed hands (yet again), and that the extension is undergoing a major rewrite. Version 0.6 is incredibly fast and responsive, and the new user interface is light years better than any previous implementation.

What I dislike is the apparent change of the extension GUID. When I installed 0.6, it did not install on top of my existing version. Instead, it showed up as another extension. However, it conveniently alerted me that an old version of Adblock was installed and, after asking me, automatically removed the old release. Awesome!


Wladimir Palant

7:20 PM on Jan 30, 2006
Well, extension GUID needed to be changed however inconvenient it might be - Adblock Plus 0.5 was using same GUID as Adblock. Keeping the old GUID would be a sure way to run into huge trouble. Thanks for the comment!


1:12 AM on Jan 31, 2006
Ah ... I didn't realize that the two were using the same GUID. I understand completely and agree!

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