The Downfall of Google

Jan 28, 2006

Can Google be losing it? Not only have they signed a deal with the devil (by buying a stake in AOL), but now their folding under pressure to China. What happened to Do No Evil? Apparently that mantra has been thrown out the window.

Agreeing to censor search results is cowardice; there's no other way to put it. Excuses like "well, it's the law in China" or "it's all about the money we're making" are weak. You aren't a Chinese company (hence you don't need to bow to their laws) and there's plenty of money to be made in all of the other countries of the world.

I once had a great faith in Google. I was certain that they would be the ones to bring down Microsoft. And they still may. But the course they're on now appears to be leading towards bad things. Now that Google has fallen, who's left to look up to?

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