Super Bull

Feb 5, 2006

Every year, I forget how cheesy and how over-produced the Super Bowl really is. It's not until the pre-game show really gets going that I sadly remember. This year's tragedy with the legendary Stevie Wonder is a testament to how cheesy things have gotten. Let's let Stevie play two of his songs: all the way through. Playing 10 second interludes of 50 songs, while rotating musical "stars" on and off the stage, is an insult to Mr. Wonder's incredible talent. It cheapens what he's done for the music world. Can't we save the embarassment?

Sadly, the Super Bowl isn't the only thing that's this cheesy in the sports world. The Daytona 500 is just as over-produced. All the "pre-game" hype is just that: hype. I can't believe that there are sports fans out there that want to see touchy-feely stuff before the game. Who exactly are they trying to market this stuff to? I'm clearly not the intended audience. Or perhaps I'm just too high brow.

Update: Well, there appears to be some hope. The half-time show with The Rolling Stones was done exactly as it should be. A few songs were played all the way through ... and a good time was had by all.

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