Favorites Plus Phase Out?

Jun 14, 2006

I continue to use Favorites Plus to manage my favorites page, which I make daily use of both at work and home. And the more I use it, the more I question whether or not I should continue to do so. Having dumped Internet Explorer long ago (so long ago, in fact, that I can't remember when), keeping my IE favorites up to date has become rather redundant. My main goal is to keep my favorites page up to date; something that might be better suited for a PHP / MySQL application. In fact, I began working on such an application many months ago. I don't recall why I stopped development; if I pick it up again, perhaps I'll remember.

So the question is, should I drop support for Favorites Plus? I mean, Firefox is clearly the better browser, and its bookmarks system is top-notch (though the "export to page" functionality doesn't have all the features I want). I really like having a dedicated web page in which to store my favorites, but generating said page is the problem. And even though Favorites Plus does a decent job in this arena, it's not as portable as I'd like. All of these issues combined make continuing support seem not worth the trouble.


Josh Kerr

1:55 PM on Jun 14, 2006
I'd checkout the Google Synchronize extention for Firefox. It's really nice and works great. http://www.google.com/tools/firefox/browsersync/index.html


12:19 PM on Jun 15, 2006
That's definitely a possibility. I'll have to check it out some time and see how it works.

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