Recommended Burning Software?

Sep 20, 2006

There are a few categories of software applications that suck across the board. Instant messaging clients are one primary example (though Google Talk is changing that). Another seems to be CD-RW burning software. I've tried a number of applications, all of which seemed to either not work or not have the features I desired. Does anyone have any recommendations for decent burning software? The free packages I tried (Deepburner and CD Burner XP Pro) didn't impress me, and the Nero Express version I got with my CD writer is really old (5.something). I hear Nero 7 is horrible, but that 6.6 is pretty good. What do you use and prefer?



6:55 AM on Sep 20, 2006
Nero 7 is horrible in-deed. I preffer using Roxio easy CD creator OR Nero 6.6.


2:44 AM on Sep 21, 2006
Sonic RecordNow! came with my laptop. It works well, but it lacks the ability to burn iso images. Aww man, you didn't like my free recommendation of CD Burner XP Pro. Haha, I know it's not great, but it burns cds. Sure it changes your file names to all caps, but it burns cds. And sure it truncates any file names longer than 16 characters, but it burns a mean CD. What kind of stuff are you looking to do? If CD Burner XP Pro doesn't have what you need...I don't know what will.


4:15 PM on Oct 12, 2006
I've generally used Roxio easy CD creator, but you're right, they all stink. There is Disco that may finally get disc-burning right, but that will be for Mac OS only as far as I know. See here:

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