Outsourcing Pizza Orders

Feb 18, 2007

It seems that Papa John's has "outsourced" the pizza ordering process. The past two times that I have called our local Papa John's establishment, I was connected with an operator at who knows where. She took my order like the local folks normally do, but she clearly submits the order via her computer ("let me key in your order here on my computer," she says). What clearly gives it away as a call center is the fact that the operator gives the actual address of the local establishment: "Do you want to pick up your pizza at [insert address here]?" The local folks never asked that in the past; it was simply "is this for pick-up or delivery?"

I'm not exactly sure why Papa John's would want to send the ordering process to a call center. Is it simply to hire fewer people? Was our local establishment doing such a poor job that the corporation stepped in to help?

Has anyone else seen this behavior when ordering pizza? I'm not sure if this is just something at our local establishment or if this is a wider spread change. Either way, it's very strange.

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2:06 PM on Feb 19, 2007
I know they've been pushing PapaJohns.com for a while now. When they first launched it there was some kind of fee, but they don't have that anymore. I've ordered online twice, and they still managed to mess up my order one of those times (gave me pepperoni when I selected pineapple). So much for automation reducing the human error factor.. until they have robots to make the pizza too! I hadn't heard that they were doing this with call-in orders. Maybe they want to make it so you don't get put on hold when you call? But what happens when someone just wants to know where they're located? The outsourced person will just spit out an address, and won't know to say, for example, "between the Honey Baked Ham Company and Panera, on your right as you're heading south on 29." Or even if they had that script, they wouldn't know how to answer a follow-up question, like "is that before or after passing the hospital?"

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