The MinWin Concept

Jan 28, 2008

There's an interesting article at InformationWeek about the new Windows architecture that Microsoft is developing. Windows 7, which is slated to be the successor to Vista, will use a new "MinWin" architecture. Essentially, the Windows core will be stripped down to the bare essentials, and additional functionality will be supplied through modules. According to the article, Eric Traut, a Microsoft distinguished engineer, demoed a version of the Windows core running with only a 25 MB footprint (as opposed to the 4 GB footprint of Vista).

I think this is a step in the right direction. Hard drive size increases have made sloppy programming, resulting in software bloat, much more prevalent. It's time to step back, trim the fat, and work towards leaner software.

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2:24 PM on Jan 29, 2008
The Windows server guys are already on the ball. Windows Server 2008 has a core install which is small and command line only. From there you can add any other modules you may need.

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