SlickEdit 2007 Rocks!

Mar 7, 2008

My license for SlickEdit at work was renewed recently, so I upgraded to SlickEdit 2007, the latest release of this already amazing program. A boat-load of new features are included in this new release, but my absolute favorite is the new dynamic surround feature. Check out this demo of the feature in action (be sure to turn up your speakers; the sound is a little low). How super cool is that? I have actually wanted this particular feature for some time, so I'm very excited that it has actually been implemented. You can even unsurround things, should you choose to do so!

There are plenty of other great new features to be had:

  • Improved XML / HTML formatting
  • Export documents to HTML (preserving all syntax-highlighting ... how great is this?!?)
  • Copy and paste in color
  • Drag and drop support in KDE and Gnome
  • Get live errors in Java as you type (similar to the corresponding functionality in Eclipse, I assume)
  • And more!

You can check out the complete list [PDF] of new features (all 5 pages worth) at the SlickEdit website. I'm seriously considering upgrading my license at home, though the $139 upgrade price is pretty steep. If you are in the market for a good code editor, I strongly recommend SlickEdit.

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