Who Doesn’t Use Anti-Virus?

May 31, 2008

Are there any readers here who use Windows and don't make use of an anti-virus client? I've been thinking about ditching my anti-virus client altogether on my personal system, and after reading an interesting article on the subject, I'm wondering if anyone else out there has taken this route. In my experience, anti-virus solutions are slow, ineffective (I'm not sure they've ever flagged anything for me over the years), and are generally a bother to keep up with.

If you've ditched anti-virus, why'd you do it? And what have been your results?



1:40 AM on Jun 2, 2008
I tried using anti-virus software for a while, back when we got free copies of Norton at NC State. But it seemed to have too much of a performance hit on my system, so I disabled the real-time protection and just used it to scan files I was unsure of. Now I'm not using any, and it's never been a problem. Nearly all viruses exploiting security holes in Windows only work if you are plugged directly into the internet-- a simple Linksys router makes you pretty safe. Plus I don't use Outlook or Outlook Express, and I never run software from untrusted sources (or anything from an e-mail that I wasn't expecting). And Microsoft has done a pretty good job of plugging those holes (IIRC that was a big reason why Vista was delayed a year- they had to switch a bunch of resources to combing for security holes). And if I were to get a virus of some type, I am quite capable of reinstalling my OS and I backup all my important data fairly often.


3:25 PM on Jun 3, 2008
Yeah, I agree. If you are behind a NAT router and you surf the web safely, you should not have to worry about having AV running. I don't have AV installed on my laptop at home. Although, it is probably a good idea to download AVG every once and a while and scan the system. Examples of surfing the web safely include: Going to only trusted websites and possibly running with scripting turned off.


8:09 PM on Jun 3, 2008
I think a good rule of thumb is: safe browsing = not Internet Explorer :)


11:36 PM on Jun 3, 2008
I think a good rule of thumb is: safe browsing = not Internet Explorer

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