Zone Alarm and MS Update 951748

Jul 9, 2008

Just yesterday, Microsoft released a 'critical update' for issue 951748, fixing a DNS security hole. It turns out that this fix completely hoses the Zone Alarm software firewall (which I happen to run). In essence, you completely lose your internet connection.

The folks that make the Zone Alarm firewall are aware of the problem. For now, they suggest two workarounds: either uninstall the MS fix or set the firewall security slider to medium (down from high). Hopefully, a true fix will be issued within the next few days.

Update: This problem has even made Slashdot.


Philip Barnes

1:35 AM on Jul 10, 2008
Just use windows restore and leave the update sitting there until they patch it.


2:25 PM on Jul 10, 2008
I actually disable Windows Restore, as I've never gotten it to work. It sounds like, from the Slashdot story, that the Zone Alarm folks are at fault here, not Microsoft.

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