Circuit City Closing

Jan 16, 2009

It seems that Circuit City is closing for good. Deep down, does anyone care? Part of me does, and part of me doesn't. I've been to Circuit City probably twice in my life; both times were to pick up games that Best Buy didn't have at the time. Since that time, I've come to hate stores like that (hence the part of me that doesn't care). At the same time, with Circuit City exiting the market, the market for certain things becomes that much smaller. That bothers me, especially since the competition is so lame. What do you think? Will you miss Circuit City?

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5:47 AM on Jan 18, 2009
I won't miss it. The last time I went to a Circuit City it was because of a marketing ploy. They advertised that you could get some game (I think Super Paper Mario) guaranteed to be in stock on day 1 or they'd give you a $50 gift card. I went at the very end of the day, secretly hoping they would be out of the game (which I could wait a few days to play anyway). Well, they didn't have it on the shelves, so when I asked someone about the gift card, he said they had the game in the back. I guess they figured they'd hide it on day one and only give it to people who asked for it, which is a little weird, but I can't really call it dishonest (it did ensure people who really wanted the game got it). Anyway, I ended up buying the game there, but I think that was the last game I purchased from a brick & mortar (except maybe for using Best Buy gift cards), and I'm sure it was the last time I set foot in a Circuit City. I much prefer Best Buy over Circuit City, but I can't think of any good reason why. I can, however, think of many reasons why I prefer Amazon over both...

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