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Googlebar Lite 4.7.3

December 1, 2009

A new build of Googlebar Lite is now available. This release has a bunch of fixes and changes:

  • Major code cleanup. The global JavaScript namespace is no longer polluted with all of Googlebar Lite’s variable and function names, and code has been made more efficient in some cases.
  • Search terms are now cleared when exiting private browsing mode
  • Bumped the maxVersion to 3.6.* to support Firefox 3.6 builds
  • The hidden preference for Google’s sandbox search engine has been removed, since Google is no longer offering this sandbox to the public
  • Updated the Russian (ru-RU) locale
  • Updated the Chinese Traditional (zh-TW) locale
  • Updated the Czech (cs-CZ) locale
  • Bug Fix: The “single click in search box selects all search terms” option now uses native Firefox functionality, fixing several auto-selection problems in Linux
  • Bug Fix: Dragging empty text to the search box no longer causes a blank entry to be added to the search history
  • Bug Fix: Dragging text into the search box now opens a new tab if the “open search results in a new tab” and “automatically search on drag and drop” options are both set
  • Bug Fix: Search terms are now cleared properly after customizing the Firefox toolbars

Since there are substantial code changes in this release, please let me know if you spot any bugs.


  1. Hi,
    Googlebar Lite is very useful and I wanted to thank you for sharing your (good) work.
    Just as simple wish : could you please add a link button to the Google code search page (
    Thanks in advance,

  2. I’ve run ff 3.5.7 and googlebar lite 4.7.3 from the mozilla site with all other add-ons disabled, and I still can not get googlebar lite to do anything when I put text in the search text area, hit enter, hit the search button, etc. Nothing happens. No new windows or tabs open, etc.

    Too bad, I really like this add-on.

  3. I’m not sure why Googlebar Lite doesn’t work for you, Pete. Have you tried creating a new profile? It sounds like yours might be corrupt…

  4. Polychronopolis 8:02 pm on February 2, 2010

    Is it possible to duplicate Google Toolbar’s ability to replace the existing Firefox search bar with GoogleBar Lite’s search bar?

    Alternatively, can you add the ability to hide the search bar as well as add s second instance of the toolbar? This way I could place the search bar where I want it and use the second toolbar to hold the other features I’d use?

  5. I’m not sure I understand what you are looking for.

    You can move the default Firefox search bar at any time. You can also move the Googlebar Lite toolbar (all the toolbar items come along for the ride). Simply “Customize” your toolbars to do either.

  6. Hello, for some reason I’m having a problem with Googlebar Lite’s word-search feature.

    The word-search stops working after it highlights a term that’s in a text-input box (like the search box on

  7. This is a known problem, introduced with Firefox 3.6. I hope to have a fix in the next release.

  8. Polychronopolis 3:10 pm on February 4, 2010

    To clarify my request, if you install Google Toolbar, in the options under layout is the ability to replace Firefox’s search box with the search box from Google Toolbar.

    I’d like to have two instances of GoogleBar Lite. The first instance would contain only the search box. I would use this toolbar to replace the search bar in Firefox.

    The second instance would contain only the buttons that I wish to you. The search box would be turned off and the rest of the bar would be used for word-search buttons. This toolbar would sit below my bookmarks toolbar and would stretch the entire window.

    This layout has proved very useful to me and is really the only reason that I have Google Toolbar installed. Personally, I like having a lot of space available for the search words feature.

    To summarize, I’m requesting two features: Add a second instance of the toolbar and the ability to hide the search box.

  9. Let me start by saying “thank you” for this brilliant extension. It remains one of the main reasons I use Firefox rather than Chrome. Ironic, given that it (Chrome) is a Google product.

    Using Firefox 3.6, I have put the Googlebar on my navigation toolbar to save screen space. Unfortunately, it creates a toolbar-sized blank space between the navigation bar and the tabs, so I lose the advantage of putting everything on one bar. Is there a workaround or fix for that?

    It has happened on previous versions too, but not consistently in my experience, so it may not happen to everyone.


  10. After you move the Googlebar Lite toolbar item, you need to turn off the Googlebar Lite toolbar. Simply go to the View » Toolbars menu, and uncheck the Googlebar Lite option. The space you are talking about will disappear!

  11. Hurrah! Thank Jonah. My screen space is optimised again.

  12. “This is a known problem, introduced with Firefox 3.6. I hope to have a fix in the next release.”

    Thanks man. Any idea when the new version might come out? I do a lot of work on sites with text boxes and not being able to word search on GBL is forcing me to use the FF Find Bar (which is a bit of a pain).

  13. I have no ETA for the next release. As I have been looking into this problem, it seems more likely that it’s actually a bug with Firefox. The Googlebar Lite code for word search hasn’t changed in a long time, and the interfaces I’ve been using in Firefox are also frozen. So, I’m not sure why it all of a sudden doesn’t work.

    I will continue to investigate this issue. Hopefully I can figure out the underlying problem.

  14. Awesome, good luck.

    “As I have been looking into this problem, it seems more likely that it’s actually a bug with Firefox.”

    I tried the official Google Toolbar as well as an extension called “SearchWP” which gives a word find option to the FF searchbar. Both don’t have the problem that GBL has.

  15. I posted this elsewhere on this website but then found this page which seems more appropriate. Sorry if it double posts.

    When running a search using boolean OR, e.g. (browsing OR internet), the term used for highlighting contains the parentheses and won’t highlight properly. I’ve noticed that the official Googlebar doesn’t do this. I’m hoping that’s not a big fix to make because I really enjoy this extension, but I use boolean searches alot and would hate to go back to the official version. Thanks for your consideration on this manner.

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