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Googlebar Lite 4.9.5

December 30, 2012

I have just posted a new build of Googlebar Lite, fixing a small bug in the process. Here’s the change log:

  • Bug Fix: Corrected a problem that prevented the “Paste and Search” option from appearing in the search box context menu


  1. Problem with 4.9.4 and 4.9.5: I frequently select text and drag it into the GBL search window whereupon it automatically launches a search queiry for that text. This worked for regular text as well as the text in hyperlinks.

    Starting in 4.9.4 and also in 4.9.5, selecting the text in a link and dragging it to the search window now copies not the text of the link, but the URL code. Hope you guys can resolve this.

    Thanks for the great addon.

  2. I noted this change when I migrated Googlebar Lite to a more portable drag-and-drop interface. I’ll look into adding an option to the extension to allow you to alter the behavior of dropping links into the search box.

  3. When I tried to install Googlebar Lite 4.9.5 addOn on my Samsung Galaxy S2, it said incompatible with current version of Firefox (17.0.1). I have been a long time user of Firefox on my desktop and laptop, but I will drop Firefox in a heartbeat on all 3 machines in favour of Chrone if I can`t use a toolbar for Google apps. I knw that I won`t be alone, so I suggest you find a fix fast or revert back to an earlier compatable version. No new feature or bug fix comes close to Googlebar Lite.


  4. Googlebar Lite supports all current Firefox versions (it’s running fine on several of my 18.0 installs). However, I will not be supporting Firefox Mobile; Googlebar Lite doesn’t lend itself well to the mobile environment, and that space is outside the scope of my development efforts.

    Feel free to use Chrome instead.

  5. Hi Jonah,

    (for some reason I simply cannot find how to create a new post here!!).

    I am considering giving up using the normal Google Toolbar – I have been using it with a checkCompatibility add-on to suppress version checking. It actally still works, but is difficult to install on new machines (you have to install version 4 of Firefox, install the add-on, and then install the latest FF version).

    My question: did you never implement the functionality whereby search results are suggested as you type and displayed in the dropdown underneath the search box? (or am I perhaps having issues with my proxy at work that render that functionality dead…). It seems to me the first thing that anyone writing a google search funtionality would add. Apart from that your tool does EXACTLY what I want! Looks great.

    Thanks and apologies for my lack of finding the “new post” button…


  6. At this time, Googlebar Lite does not support the “search suggest” feature. My main goal with Googlebar Lite is to keep it as small as possible, and that’s a feature that would add unnecessary bloat. One of these days, however, I may investigate implementing it in a future release. As of right now, it’s not on my radar.

  7. Greg (Tiribulus) 1:19 pm on February 20, 2013

    Hi Jonah,
    Great extension. I use it all the time and my customers always get it too.
    Where is the search history logged? Suppose I wanted to add (without actually searching) or delete an individual item. (Yes, I have a specific reason for asking this =D ) Is this possible?

  8. Googlebar Lite’s search history is stored the same way form history is stored (it uses the same internal mechanism). Which file specifically does that data reside in? I’m not sure. You can delete items in the search history by using the Shift+Del keyboard shortcut. I’m not aware of an easy way to insert values without actually searching.

  9. It seems google has changed the path for searching videos
    Each time I try, I got a 404 page with
    “The requested URL /videosearch?q=my_video_research&ie=UTF-8 was not found on this server”

    The “new” path (or at least the one that works for me) seems to be

  10. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll get this fixed ASAP!

  11. Hi, this Googlebar is very good, i like it!

    Is there also no plan for a option to enable/disable auto Suggestions?
    I get only Suggestions of my own searches. This is the only little thing i miss.

    At the Moment i have 2 search-inputs on, yours for the in-site search,
    search history and word highlighting, and the standard one for the suggestions

    Thanks for your nice work on this great addon.

  12. I have been using this plugin for a while and I love it!

    Recently video search has topped working and returns a 404. Looks like Google have changed the URL.

    Googles URL:
    Googlebar light is using:

  13. The latest release of Googlebar Lite, 4.9.8, fixes the video search 404 issue.

  14. Hello, is it possible to allow placing other addons icon anywhere in GL toolbar? (for example, between up and highlight buttons, etc.)

  15. Hello, I have updated to Firefox 25 beta 0 and the text search in page is not working at all.

    Perhaps the problems could be related to the f Firefox 25 beta 0 release note: “New: The find bar is no longer shared between tabs”.

    I found your add-on invaluable for my work. Should it be possible to fix the problem?


  16. mlm: At the moment, this is not supported. I will add this to the feature wish list, however.

    Jose: I do not support beta versions of Firefox, but I will definitely keep my eye open for this problem. If it crops up in the release version of Firefox 25, I will do my best to correct it.

  17. Thanks Jonah. Let’s wait!

  18. thanks a lot, Jonah =]

  19. As noticed before, search suggestion system (like for the google toolbar) would be very useful to quickly select a key word in the suggestion list.

    this is the only feature it really lack so far.

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