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Googlebar Lite 4.9.10

November 1, 2013

I’ve just released a new version of Googlebar Lite, which includes a fix for search word buttons in Firefox 25. If you spot any other problems, please let me know. Here’s the full change log:

  • Simplified a number of service calls using the Services JavaScript module
  • Bug Fix: Word search buttons should now work properly in Firefox 25


  1. Thanks a lot!

  2. Thanks! This is my favorite add-in for FF.

  3. Thank you very much for fixing the word search in FF 25!

  4. Thank you for the error correction

  5. Just found out about this addon! Awesome! I’ve refused to remove the Google Toolbar, since it was too useful for me… but this could be an up-to-date(able) alternative, so I’m rather excited!
    So far, I like the layout and all. ^_^
    Thank you!

    Ideas (sorry if bothersome) based from original Google Toolbar:

    Could the icons could be replaced with the ones from the Google Toolbar’s design? (Not sure if there is problems with using their icons…?) I’m just so used to those ones that I have to confirm what I’m about to click, which is a bit of a slowdown… And it would look nicer. ^_^;

    The search types aren’t arrangeable… that can be useful, though not needed.

    Can the Translate Page option be put in the search bar instead/as well? I’ve found it much more useful there (and easy to remember it’s even there)…

  6. Your Googlebar Lite is amazing, but it would be absolutely great if i could install and customize my own search engines, as I do in the old Google bar. This was the best feature in old bar, and maybe the future of Googlebar Lite. Go for it, please!

  7. This is my favorite Firefox add-on. Sadly, this awesome app is thwarting my efforts to dump Google.

    Is there any chance that we could some day change the search engine? I would love being able to use DuckDuckGo (like this —


  8. Just what a previous commenter said – I love the toolbar, but google not so much. Could we use the duckduckgo engine instead?

  9. How to enable Match Case in googlebar-lite

  10. at the very least is it possible to search from


  11. I have no plans to add support for other search engines at this time.

    The search history in Googlebar Lite does not have a case-sensitive match. This is a limitation of the textbox element that I use.

    In what case do you need to perform a search through Googlebar Lite already offers an option to perform secure searches using the https URL.

  12. for duckduckgo change every instance of:
    //google. to //duckduckgo.
    // to //duckduckgo.

    and for, change
    //google. to //
    // to //

    in the files:
    firefox/<USER PROFILE/extensions/{6b6601f1-361e-4b9f-bb6d-f8305000e4f6}/chrome/googlebar/content/googlebarOverlay.js

    i’ve been doing it for encrypted for a while, since it doesent change your serch when searching for something unusual (the “Showing results for”)

    but just changed it to duckduckgo, and it appears to work…

  13. sorry, the above might have been for another extension.. (Googlebar)

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