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Googlebar Lite Problems in FF 25

November 1, 2013

Googlebar Lite is currently experiencing some problems with the search word buttons in Firefox 25. This is due to changes made to the underlying interface to the find bar, which I use to do the actual search operations.

I am currently working towards fixing the issue, and I hope to have a new release available sometime soon. Please be patient as I work on a fix. If you spot any other issues, let me know!


  1. ok, we wait update, thanks

  2. The Highlight function works well 😉

  3. still not working? wondered what it is, thought something else had screwed it up, but if it’s problem at least I know now and will await a fix

  4. I am getting a 404 error from Google on each image search when first submitting the request. A second click always returns the desired images. Firefox = 24.0

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