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Australis to Cause Problems

March 19, 2014

Firefox 29, the next version as of this writing, will bring with it a brand new interface called Australis. This interface is changing loads of toolbar structure, which may negatively impact Googlebar Lite.

I’m posting this warning ahead of time to let you know that I will definitely work towards making Googlebar Lite compatible with this new theme. However, doing so will take some time and effort. As such, don’t be surprised if support for this new theme isn’t immediately available. I may have to bump the minVersion of whatever new version I release to 29.0, in order to prevent breakage in older browsers.

Until I set up a development sandbox with the latest build, I won’t know how bad the breakage will be. Until then, please be forewarned that there’s some turbulence ahead.


  1. Shoot! It just autoupdated me to Australis. This blows… googlebar lite is hosed, searches don’t work and word find is completely broken. Not to mention all the FF icons are stuck in place and you can’t move them.

    I looked into FF ESR but it looks like that is only staying on the older version for another few months then onto this new junk. Oh well, that’s what they call progress nowadays.

  2. The latest version of Googlebar Lite works successfully for me in Firefox 29. Try creating a new profile, installing Googlebar Lite, and double checking that things work in a clean environment.

  3. Exact same problem as Sacker Jack with firefox 29 (Australis).

    I did remove googlebar lite from tools -> add-ons, restart firefox and installed googlebar lite again from mozilla add-ons. restart firefox.

    Voila problem solved.

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