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Googlebar Lite 4.9.14

April 17, 2014

The final build in the 4.x line of Googlebar Lite has just been released. One critical bug has been fixed, and one visual bug has also been squashed:

  • Bug Fix: Search terms should no longer be duplicated when they already exist in the search history
  • Bug Fix: The Googlebar Lite toolbar should now look better when using large icons

Barring any additional show-stopping bugs that crop up, the next release will be 5.0, and will include a giant new feature. Stay tuned!


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for making this great plug-in better and better!

    I just updated from 4.9.11 (the build distributed from the official mozilla add-on site) to 4.9.14 and realized that drag&drop actions no longer replace the text in the combined search field but instead append the dragged content to it.

    Is it possible to restore the old behavior?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Hmm … I’m not seeing that same behavior with my copy of 4.9.14. None of the drag and drop code changed between 4.9.11 and 4.9.14, so I’m not sure what could have changed for you. Did you install any other extensions during this time frame?

    You might open up the browser console (Ctrl+Shift+J) and see if any errors show up there when you do a drag and drop operation. It might also be worthwhile to create a new profile, install Googlebar Lite there, and verify that the drag and drop operation works as intended. If it does, your profile has been corrupted in some way.

    As for the official repository only having 4.9.11, the new version is in the review queue. Hopefully it will show up there this week. I have a big new feature coming for the next release! 🙂

  3. Jonah,

    After enabling/disabling “Single click in search box selects all search terms” with subsequent restarts of FF the search box behaves normally again. I cannot seem to reproduce the behavior I described in the initial post. False alert (albeit strange), but anyway, sorry for creating noise in the comment section.

    Can’t wait to see the big new feature 🙂

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