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Googlebar Lite 5.1.3

February 16, 2016

A new build of Googlebar Lite has been posted, adding a new preference:

  • Added a preference for collapsing search words when Googlebar Lite is placed on the nav-bar toolbar (enabled by default). Disable this preference to get the old search word button behavior.


  1. Worked find until I did a recovery.

  2. Hi Jonah, I tried using your contact form but it returned an error about submitted from a non-linked page? So I’m not 100% sure if my message got through?

    I Just had a quick play with CoLT – it is very good and could be really useful. Do you have the time and/or interest to write a few more options for it?

    If you do, what I’m interested in would be:

    1) If I select text and it has a link in it, could it also strip and output the link parts as well?

    %S sends any links at simple text which is fine.
    However if you have %T, %U & %I these are not populated from the link within the selected text. Would this be easy/do-able?

    2) You pull the title tag for the page %P. Would it be possible to have a %D for the meta description? or even better %M and the name of any meta tag to pull?

    Best regards,


  3. Got an error code about no referer, what ever that meant.
    Unable to send via comment form

    Could you please add a way to add custom buttons that are currently in
    .xml format (from the original Google Toolbar) ? ?

    This way most of the users of Google Bar Lite will be able to customize it
    to suit our needs.

    Or is it possible to create custom buttons, like we used to be able to do with the old Google Toolbar ? ?

    I would add my own buttons, but I can not see where you have coded
    the ones you built into the toolbar are located at.

    Thanks for your help.

  4. Paul: I have no plans to add features to CoLT. See this post for more.

    Bruce: Similarly, I have no plans to add features to Googlebar Lite. The post linked above also applies.

    Pull requests are always welcome.

  5. I just reinstalled version Googlebar Lite (GL) 5.1.3 on Firefox 45.0.2 but GL keeps unchecking the option to remember form history. As a result, even after I enable this option, every time I load FF I get the message that the form history option is not enabled. If I disable GL, the option stays checked when I reload FF so I’m assuming the problem is with GL. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? I really like GL and want to continue using it, but this is seriously annoying. Thanks in advance for the help.

  6. I have never seen this behavior. What is the value of the “History” preference in Firefox > Options > Privacy? Do you have it set to “Never remember history”? If you open up about:config, what is the value of the browser.formfill.enable preference? Do the values of either of these things change depending on whether or not Googlebar Lite is disabled?

  7. Hi Jonah,

    The Privacy options are set to Custom Settings for History, which has everything enabled except that it only clears the cache when FF closes. When I look at about:config… when I’ve clicked the “search and form history” box, it shows boolean = true. After I close and reopen FF, I get the message from GL and the box for “search and form history” is unchecked. I click Cancel to close the popup, and when I checked about:config again, it had changed to boolean = false. I can send you a screenshot of the message if you’ll give me a way to get it to you.


  8. Also: when I disable GL, close and reopen FF, all the Privacy options are the same as I left them and the about:config setting for browser.formfill.enable is still set to true.

  9. I honestly don’t know what to suggest. Googlebar Lite never explicitly sets that value to false; in fact the only code in the entire tree that affects that setting sets it to true. What happens when you click the “Enable Form History” button? Does the preference change?

    At the very least, you can turn off the prompting dialog box by unchecking the “warn me when form history is disabled” option in Googlebar Lite.

  10. Yes, clicking “Enable Form History” does reclick that option. Unfortunately, if I just switch off the error message, it still disables the form history on exit but doesn’t tell me about it when I reload FF.

    Curiously, there are times when it doesn’t disable it, but I haven’t figured out what makes the difference; it only happens very occasionally.

  11. I think as long as I have my Firefox history set to “Remember History” it seems to be okay. In other words, it seems to be only when I want to use custom history settings that I get the problem with GL. My preference is to limit a couple of the history settings (3rd party cookies to visited only, and clear history when exiting FF). But if I let FF use its full “remember history” settings, so far I don’t get that error message and GL doesn’t seem to be unchecking it. Not ideal but I can live with it for now.

  12. That’s an interesting find. I’ll try to look into that scenario to see what might be happening.

    Update: I am unable to reproduce the issue with those privacy settings. What sub-options do you have set for the “Clear history when Firefox exits” option?

  13. Hi Jonah,

    Another piece just occurred to me that might help. The reason why I wound up reinstalling GL, was because when FF updated to 45.0.2, it would no longer automatically populate my login fields, even though the login information was still stored in FF. I assumed it was a FF bug. When no further FF update came, I finally tried “refreshing” (FF term on their site) my installation of FF. Still no auto-logins.

    At one point I tried clicking “Always use private browsing mode” to see if that might help. (Note to self: never trust that FF will tell you the consequences of doing something before you do it…) Anyway, it dumped ALL my plugins, extensions and theme. (not amused) I had to put it all back together again.

    I got my auto-logins back but after reinstalling GL I seemed to lose them again. So this might be an incompatibility glitch between GL and FF 45.0.2, at least when you try to customize the privacy settings.

    My Clear History sub-options are set to clear only the cache when exiting FF.

  14. As an experiment, you might try creating a new Firefox profile, and set up Googlebar Lite in there. Perhaps your profile got corrupted somehow and creating a new one might help. Worth a try at least.

  15. Profile? I don’t know what that is in Firefox and don’t see anything in the menu. I just use it as a browser.

  16. I have an article describing what profiles are and how to create a new one: Profile Tutorial

  17. I’m still getting unexplained resets, where I go into my privacy settings and find that the History setting has been changed from “Remember all” to “Custom” and the Form History box is unchecked. I know I am not doing that.

    FF did update (last night or this morning) to 46.0, but I saw this once or twice before the update too, and just thought somehow I’d been testing it for you. This time, no way; I’m certain I did nothing to change the setting.

    It’s not doing it consistently though.

  18. Maybe another add-on is doing it? Have you tried disabling all other add-ons to see if that corrects the issue?

  19. When I disable GL, that’s when FF reloads consistently with the history settings preserved the way they were when FF was last closed. When I enable GL, the history settings have reverted to Custom settings with the forms history unchecked. I mentioend before that I had to reload my add-ons and theme to FF 45, and this problem only appeared when I added GL. I’d say that is pretty definitely NOT caused by another add-on.

    I’ve already spent more time than I could realistically spare to try to help you solve this problem. Fiddling with profiles would take even more time that I can’t really give to this. If you’re not going to fix this, I’ll have to stop using GL, but be aware that all of this was working fine until FF upgraded to 45. If anything, it has become worse since FF upgraded again to 46, since it is now consistently resetting the history settings on reload when GL is enabled. To me that says there is an incompatibility with something in the latest 2 versions of FF and GL. And I’m probably not the only one having the problem.

    Good luck.

  20. I’m sorry you continue to have problems, but I can’t fix a problem that I can’t reproduce. I’ve received no other similar reports from users, and GL works fine for me on multiple installs. I’m not discounting that you have an issue; I’m just at a loss to figure out what the problem is.

    That said, I have no plans for continuing support on Googlebar Lite, so feel free to use something else.

  21. Jonah, I owe you an apology. Even after I uninstalled GL, the problem still returned. I disabled every add-on, theme and extension, one by one, with no luck. I tried rebuilding the places.sqlite file (which I found in a google search). I finally ripped out Firefox (as completely as I could) from my harddrive and reinstalled from scratch. And even with the default settings of a virgin installation, it’s still happening.

    So it seems I was wrong and it was just a coincidence that I saw it happening after installing your add-on. My apologies for insisting the problem was on your end when apparently it was unrelated. I’ve now posted in the Firefox forum to see if I can get a fix from there. Many thanks for your help in trying to solve this.

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