Magnet Sweeper

Apr 11, 2023

We recently had our roof replaced, which resulted in a ton of debris in the yard. One of our primary concerns with this was the number of loose nails and screws, which pose a hazard to both our car tires and our feet. Scanning through Home Depot's website, I found this magnet sweeper, which only set me back $12.

The second photo above shows just how many nails, screws, and other debris I was able to pick up with this thing. Wow! There are a few drawbacks to this tool. First, the handle is a little short for my taste. Second, the magnets could stand to be stronger, but they did a decent job. And third, a wider magnet head would have been nice. But for only $12, I'm willing to sacrifice some of the niceties of other, pricier tools. If you ever find yourself in need of something like this, I recommend this model, despite its shortcomings. I can see this tool being useful in other situations (i.e. when I drop a screw or nut in the garage and it rolls out of reach).

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