High Quality Work

Dec 31, 2023

The Essential Craftsman channel on YouTube occasionally has great philosophical videos (I've featured a few here on the site before). Today's video on "The Mindset of Doing High Quality Work" is worth a watch. In the new year, one of my professional goals will be to improve the quality of my work. In recent times, I've become much more lax in testing the code that I write. This has led to bone-headed bugs that ended up needing a hot-fix, often something that I could have caught had I spent some time testing.

One of the comments in this video really resonated with me: "Strive for perfection, settle for excellence." I think that will be my mantra in 2024 for my professional work.

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2:38 PM on Jan 1, 2024

I wish I understood how to test Javascript applications. Unit testing could help a little but my problems arise from complicated interactions between components.

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