Born Geek

Firefox Extensions & Tutorials

Born Geek is proud to offer a couple of extensions for the Firefox web browser, as well as several extension development articles.

Firefox Extensions

Copy Link Text (CoLT)
Copy a hyperlink’s text with the click of a mouse button using this small extension. Also supports copying the hyperlink text and URL at the same time, in a variety of formats.
Googlebar Lite
A light-weight Google search toolbar featuring 12 available search types, search term highlighting, search history auto-completion, and more.

Firefox Tutorials

Toolbar Tutorial
An extensive guide on how extension development works in Firefox. Every aspect of basic extension development is covered in detail: scripting, skinning, packaging, and testing.
Automatic Firefox Extension Updates
Learn how to add automatic update support to extensions that you host on your own website. This article covers update manifests, signing them with the McCoy tool, and a few web server tricks to get things served up properly.
Profile Tutorial
Learn how to make use of the Firefox profile system using this step-by-step tutorial. Useful for those new to nightly build testing or extension development.