Human Sign Posts

Nov 23, 2008

Last month, I blogged about the strange trend of sign twirling. Stranger still is a new twist that I'm seeing introduced by Linens 'n Things, which just happens to be going out of business. Around their various stores in our area, they have apparently hired people to hold up a going out of business sign. The people doing this job don't twirl the sign or anything fancy. They just stand there, holding the sign up for people to read. Are metal sign posts too good to do this job? I have to believe the company could save some money by investing in a few of them.



3:32 AM on Nov 24, 2008
I've seen this at the Linen's n' things near our house (I didn't realize the whole chain was going out of business). Here the people holding the sign are actually about a quarter-mile down the road from the store. Maybe they think having a person hold the sign will attract more attention, or maybe there are city ordinances against putting signposts out by the road?


3:08 PM on Nov 24, 2008
I hadn't thought of the city ordinance angle. That's probably it. Being a new homeowner, I'm a little sad to see Linens 'n Things go. They have a much better selection of things (in my opinion) than Bed, Bath & Beyond.


8:26 PM on Nov 25, 2008
Yesterday afternoon I drove by my Linen's n' Things and noticed that there is not just the one sign-holder a quarter-mile away, there are three other sign-holders up to the store. And two of them were on break or something and just had their signs propped up against guard rails. I have a suspicion that those two sign-holders were getting paid for that time too, but they figured they were far enough away that their boss would never know if they left their post for a while. Thought I'd share.

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