Pushing Daisies Cancelled

Nov 25, 2008
Damn ABC! Damn everyone that won't damn ABC! Damn everyone that won't put lights in his window and sit up all night damning ABC! (Apologies to all my U.S. history professors. For those in the dark, here's the cultural reference to the above joke.)

I simply don't understand it. An incredibly clever, imaginative, and entertaining television show gets canceled because it's not getting the ratings the executives want. This proves that creativity has no place anymore in Hollywood. In short, it's not a crime drama, a medical drama, or a reality show, apparently making it the scourge of the land. Maybe the fact that the network didn't advertise the show has something to do with it. Or perhaps we can blame the failing economy. Either way, I'm disappointed.

I have truly lost what little faith I had left in television. All the more reason not to watch it. My only hope is that Bryan Fuller will come through on his promise to finish out the story with either a movie or through comic books. What a dark day.



3:27 PM on Nov 25, 2008
Doh! (from inside Google Reader).


8:19 PM on Nov 25, 2008
If you haven't checked out The Big Bang Theory, you might want to try it (first season is on DVD, you could NetFlix it). I expected it to be terrible and full of extremely outdated and trite "nerd jokes", but most of the time it's actually pretty well-written and current. Plus, the girl that plays Penny is super hot. I think it is the first traditional live-action-multicamera-with-a-laugh-track sitcom I've watched since Seinfeld.

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